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The Regular Meeting of the Maplewood Public Library Board of Trustees 
will be held Wednesday, 2/20/19, at 7:00 p.m., in the Library Meeting Room.


1.	Roll call

2.	Approval of minutes of the 01/16/19  meeting.

3.	Public comments

4.	Communications

5.	Treasurerís Report

6.	Librarianís Report

7.	Committee Reports

8.	Unfinished Business

                  a.	Policy Review: Government and Organization

9.	New Business

                  a.	Committee Appointments
                         i.	Personnel
                        ii.	Policy 
                       iii.	Community Engagement
                       iv.	Fund-raising
                         v.	Salary Revision
                        vi.	Directorís Evaluation

10.	Motion to hold a Closed Session, if needed.

11.	Next meeting date

12.	Adjournment

(Posted at Maplewood Public Library, 2/19/19)